DC Promise Neighborhood Initiative – Supporting all members of the Kenilworth-Parkside community in improving the quality of their own lives and inspiring positive change in their neighborhood.

Children Succeed

Children have skills and supports to graduate from college and obtain jobs with lifetime career path...Read More

Parents Succeed

Parents can transfer knowledge, skills, values, and wealth to their children...Read More

Strong Community Thrives

K-P residents and students are actively engaged in supporting each other, their schools and their neighborhood...Read More

Healthy Places Exist

All residents live in healthy and safe places...Read More

Data as a Tool for Social Justice

DCPNI: Data as a Tool for Social Justice from Stone Soup Films on Vimeo.

DC Promise Neighborhood Initiative’s resources are dedicated toward measurable outcomes. We believe that using data to guide our choices in planning and implementing programs improves our chances of helping children and parents succeed in their lives. (Read More…)

DCPNI Visits Air & Space

DCPNI children and their parents walked through a space shuttle, “visited” the moon, and ate astronaut ice cream while on a recent field trip to the National Air and Space Museum. The trip was the first of many that families involved in our Take and Play program will enjoy through a new partnership emphasizing early language skills that DCPNI is developing with the Smithsonian Institution supported by the PNC Foundation.Take and Play supports Kenilworth-Parkside parents of children between the ages of 3 and 5 in preparing their children for kindergarten through play-based activities at home.