Board of Directors

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Alma Powell

Honorary Board Chair
Chair, America’s Promise Alliance
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Melinda Hudson

Vice President & Sr. Advisor to Chair & CEO
America’s Promise Alliance
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Dr. Wendell Hall

Vice Chair
Senior Director,The College Board
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Peter J. Farrell

Managing Partner, CityInterests, LLC
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Brett Macleod

Vice President & Treasurer
Executive Director, JP Morgan Chase Community Development Banking Group
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Ed Fisher, Esq.

Board Chair
Executive Director, St. Elizabeth’s East
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Sterling Speirn

Chief Executive Officer,  National Conference on Citizenship
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Denise Robinson

Mid-Atlantic Project Manager, Preservation of Affordable Housing
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Mike Peabody

Chairman & Founder, Friends of Choice in
Urban Schools, (FOCUS)
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Geraldine Bell

Chair, Benjamin Banneker Development Corporation
Vice Chair, PEPCO/ Exelon Community Advisory Group
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Adrianne Todman

Chief Executive Officer, National Association of Housing & Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO)
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Jeanne Simon

Global Corporate Citizenship Program Manager, Accenture