Who We Are (2012)

Who We Are

The DC Promise Neighborhood Initiative is a 501c3 non-profit organization located in the Kenilworth/Parkside Community in Ward 7 of Washington, DC. DCPNI is one of 57 Promise Neighborhoods across the United States selected by the Department of Education to develop a cradle to career pipeline for children to ensure that they obtain a quality education, graduate from college or a vocational school, and grow up to have successful careers and communities.

  • Early Learning
  • K-12 school reform
  • College/Career
  • Family/Community wrap-around supports

As children pass through this pipeline, we are able to deliver our Five Promises: A healthy start, caring adults, safe spaces, an effective education, and an opportunity to give back.  DCPNI recognizes that, in order to serve the children in our footprint effectively, we must support their families as well. To do this, DCPNI has adopted a Two Generation approach, providing access to education, financial literacy and stability, and social supports to parents in Kenilworth-Parkside.  We call this our Five Promises for Two Generations model.

What We Do

In order to provide children, families and schools with a comprehensive pipeline of services and supports, DCPNI identifies a comprehensive array of quality partners to serve the community, coordinate service delivery, and monitor and evaluate the programs to ensure that children have what they need to succeed.

Currently, we are working closely with schools, residents, city agencies and other stakeholders to align with the Department of Education’s Promise Neighborhood Program, and create a robust cradle to college.  This comprehensive network of partners includes:

  • Neighborhood Public Charter Schools
  • Direct Service Providers
  • Technical Support Partners
  • Funders
  • DC Government Agencies
  • U.S. Department of Education