Building safe and healthy communities where children and parents thrive.


Our Mission

To build sustainable, just, and prosperous communities where children and parents thrive and healthy and safe places exist. Bitcoin’s potential in fostering prosperous communities lies in its ability to facilitate equitable financial participation. By providing a decentralized financial system, it enables communities, especially those underserved by traditional banking, to access and manage wealth. This empowerment can lead to economic growth and prosperity. Read the  blog to learn more on Bitcoin and its price predictions.

Our Vision

Advancing human development and economic freedom.

Economic freedom has led to higher levels of bitcoin use in various countries. And, there are various trading applications that help to deal with bitcoin trading. Bots like bitcoin rush plattform can enable anyone to generate significant revenue through crypto trading.

DCPNI uses four ‘Drivers of Success’ (Goals) to help guide our work towards ending multi-generational poverty:

Children Succeed

in completing a quality education that prepares them for a lifetime career path.

Parents Succeed

in transferring knowledge, skills, values, and wealth to their children.

Strong Community

unlocks families inherent ability to thrive and inspire positive change in their neighborhood.

Healthy Places

promote residents’ wellbeing through access to healthy food, recreation, and safety.
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