In order to deliver our Five Promises for Two Generations,  DCPNI coordinates the delivery of services for both children and their parents. We have worked closely with The Annie E. Casey Foundation, America’s Promise Alliance, the Ascend program at the Aspen Institute, and the Urban Institute to develop a two-generation strategy that is fully aligned with Promise Neighborhood principles and guidelines.   As children receive supports so that they can grow and learn in safe, caring spaces, their parents will also receive support that allow them to provide more stable homes and pay better attention to their children’s learning.  Because data show that when mothers of children under eight advance their own education, their children do better in school, DCPNI provides mothers of young children with an array of opportunities. DCPNI is a data driven initiative, and all of the programming we support is evidence based.  We are committed to tracking the outcomes of our program, and scaling up approaches that work.

The 5 Promises:

  1. Caring adults in their lives, as parents, mentors, teachers, coaches, and resources
  2. Safe places in which to live, grow and learn
  3. A healthy start and healthy future
  4. An effective education that equips children and parents with marketable skills
  5. An opportunity to give back to one’s community