Board of Directors

Alma Powell
Honorary Chair

Ed Fisher, Esq.
Board Chair
Executive Director, St. Elizabeth’s East

Dr. Wendell Hall
Vice Chair
Senior Director, College Board Policy Team

Brett Macleod
Vice President, JP Morgan Chase Community Development Banking Group

Melinda Hudson
Executive Vice President, America’s Promise Alliance

Geraldine Bell
Tutor, AARP Experience Corps Literacy Project

Peter J. Farrell
Managing Partner, CityInterests, LLC

Mike Peabody
Chairman and Founder, Friends of Choice in Urban Schools, (FOCUS)

Sterling Speirn
Former CEO and President, The Peninsula Community Foundation and W. K. Kellogg Foundation

Adrianne Todman
Executive Director, DC Housing Authority

Jeanne Simon
Global Corporate Citizenship Program Manager, Accenture

Denise Robinson
Federal Security Exchange Commission, JIRA Adminstrator