Data and Evaluation

DCPNI places a heavy focus on collecting and using data in our work for a single reason: so that we can better serve the residents and students of the Kenilworth-Parkside community. Our belief is that having timely and accurate data to inform service delivery is a critical part to ensure that each and every resident and student in the community continues to receive high-quality services that improve over time.

DCPNI’s Data and Evaluation Department oversees all data collection, collective impact, and outcome measurement work for the Kenilworth-Parkside community. The DCPNI Data and Evaluation Team also works with schools and nonprofit organizations by providing technical assistance and guidance on how to improve their data collection and outcome measurement efforts.

Some examples of the Data and Evaluation Department’s work include:

  • Conducting primary/original data collection on residents and students in the community through regular community and school surveys.
  • Identifying and aggregating data collected by others (data such as: crime, health, school, employment, etc.) that tells the story of the Kenilworth-Parkside community.
  • Providing technical assistance to nonprofit organizations to develop their capacity to accurately and efficiently collect data, as well as how to analyze their data and use the data to inform programmatic change.
  • Aggregating data from all direct service organizations working in the community to determine how much, and what type, of services are being received by community residents and students.
  • Using aggregated data to identify which combinations of programming and services lead to the greatest (and most efficient) outcomes for residents and students.
  • Presenting data and findings to audiences that are interested in our work — including presenting this information directly back to community residents and students.

Data as a Tool for Social Justice

DC Promise Neighborhood Initiative’s resources are dedicated toward measurable outcomes. We believe that using data to guide our choices in planning and implementing programs improves our chances of helping children and parents succeed in their lives. Learn more.

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