How to Become a Partner

DCPNI has four types of partnerships:

  • Continuum Provider Partners provide programs directly to children, parents and residents.  meet criteria set by DCPNI.  To become a Continuum Provider, partners must meet criteria established by DCPNI,  be approved by the DCPNI Board, sign a Memorandum of Understanding, agree to monitor and track outcomes, and to participate in DCPNI evaluation procedures.
  • Technical Assistance Partners provide supports for professional services, research, program design, capacity building and training. They also sign MOUs with DCPNI and must be approved by the DCPNI Board.
  • DC Government Partners provide programming, technical support and coordination of City resources.  They sign MOUs, agree to collect and share data, and are approved by the DCPNI Board.
  • Friends of the Footprint provide direct services to Kenilworth-Parkside residents.  DCPNI collaborates and shares information with these groups, but does not sign agreements with them, track their data, or set quality assurance standards.