Our Commitment Full Circle

Our Two-Generation approach couples quality early learning interventions for youth alongside programs that focus on assisting parents, particularly mothers of young children. Our vision is to strengthen parents/mothers so they are better able to help their children learn and succeed while at the same time gaining necessary workforce skills and completing their own education. We believe that this will improve economic security and stability for the families of Kenilworth Parkside. Our Parent Pathways program works to:

  • Connect parents with GED programs and continuing education opportunities and assist them in ensuring they have the supports and resources they need to attend and complete those programs.
  • Affect positive change in the lives of families by providing parents lifelong job and workforce development training and educational opportunities.
  • Educate parents on financial literacy to increase their savings, manage their spending, and put them on a path to achieving goals such as homeownership and college attendance.
  • Increase our parents’ knowledge about the importance of early childhood education as well as local early education resources to ensure their child’s future success.
  • Encourage more parents to participate in their children’s learning both at home and inside their classrooms

For more information, please contact:
Wendy Osefo, Parent Programs Director
(202) 445-6864
[email protected]