Promise Mapping

Initiated in 2015, DCPNI’s Promise Mapping pathway is comprised of Promise Advocates, primarily with a professional clinically-trained background, who are responsible for monitoring, empowering, and enhancing Kenilworth-Parkside residents’ success in various community programs by assessing external risk factors through crisis management/intervention as appropriate to support program completion. This includes a strengths-based, transformational theoretical approach which allows Promise Advocates to offer direct coaching/support of families faced with a myriad of challenges, build internal program capacity, and expand access to external resources that deliver counseling and social services. Promise Advocates will play the primary role in the referral & enrollment processes and deliver life skills programming to the parents/adults of Kenilworth-Parkside, as needed. They will facilitate the Intake process and support the robust, diverse pool of referrals. Lastly, in keeping with DCPNI’s vision, the Promise Advocates will also serve Kenilworth-Parkside children as an advocate, participating in creating and sustaining a positive educational environment, as well as building trust amongst parents, faculty and worksite leaders.

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